Friday, March 26, 2010

Games, Toys, and Dreams!!!

Games toys and dreams
Thats all I believe
like taking speed
don't beleive
ask jeeves
Proof in the pudding or proof in the spilling
I told you known to do it throwing disk like Krillin
I'm cold like chilling
or four play like feeling
and I get money talk about it like amilli
say it scream it to my face
Never ever been disgraced
knelling to the lord till I make it to the pearly gates
Die just to see his face
Die just to keep my race
Alive just to win this race
and my eyes just to see the space
They like em all high
I look up in the sky
and say uncle John why you die
This caused me to fly
The opposite of spry
and once you know that once you go your voice will only die
I always been shy
And I secretly cryed
but thats no excuse i'm a man that met god
So i wife life to charge!

p.s. The beat is money pussy weed by lil wayne

Is this really what you want?

So the main focus is that the guy who made me don't beleive i'm a FLUID rapper but I do it alot so i'm confused now people say that URBAN kids shouldn't go after IMPOSSIBLE careers but how is it IMPOSSIBLE if your good at it but just think we have horrible health care we have a MONSTEROUS poverty rate and now we can't make it in the world sounds kind of selfish AMERICA I think my career is succeedable!!!!
p.s. first blog hope its good!